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Puppy Talk

Are you a new puppy owner or about to be? Sometimes all the research in the world won't answer all your questions, nor will it be directly applied to you and your family.

These sessions are done in your home to ensure all the information applies to your family and lifestyle. 

Some of the important information we will cover:

  • How puppies learn

  • How to train your puppy

  • How to set up the perfect environment for a puppy

  • How to create a confident puppy

  • Common behavioural issues, how to prevent and deal with them

  • Your puppies future towards adulthood

This session is largely a discussion to ensure you are prepared for any situation, but will include some basic practical training for you to begin with your puppy. Please do not book this session if you are looking for practical training only.

You will also receive a pack containing a puppy book, informative leaflets, a clicker and more.


2.5 hours

1-2-1 meeting

At your home

A minimum of 50% deposit is required prior to meeting.