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All Owners Must Have:

- A collar on the dog with the legal tags (NO check/choke, prong or electric collars)

- A strong, flat lead (NO slip leads or extendable leads)

Treats (preferably your dogs favourites - and lots of them!) or puppies dry biscuits for dinner

- A toy (a variety is always a good idea, such as a tennis ball, rope toy and stuffed toy.)

Poo bags (more than you think you'll need)

- A bed or mat (e.g. bath mat or vetbed) for the dog to lie on


- Harness

- Chews (such as a stuffed Kong or dehydrated food) 

Before you attend your first class you will be sent an email containing more information on the set up of classes and a video presentation containing need to know puppy information.


Puppy Classes

Puppy classes are an excellent way to lay the foundations for a long and happy life with your dog.

In these group classes your puppy will have great experiences, learning how to focus around distractions and how to do new behaviours.

Classes are designed to help you teach your puppy good manners, start loose lead walking and work towards the perfect recall.

Classes are run by Faye, a fully qualified and experienced trainer and behaviourist.

All training is positive, using the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques with no harsh handling or intimidation. Attend classes knowing that your puppy will not be caused any fear, resulting in a puppy that wants to learn.

Classes are run at Portfield Community Hall in Christchurch. The hall is spacious, allowing for safe distancing, and allowing your puppy the space to be able to listen and learn. Class numbers are limited, allowing everyone to get individual attention and no waiting around.

Class Plan

Week One – Focus

Week Two – Impulse Control

Week Three – Disengagement

Week Four – Recall

Week Five – Calmness

Week Six – Confidence

Classes are structured to cover training in a way that allows your puppy to be able to achieve all tasks set. All training allows for criteria change, ensuring you are always able to make progress.

Cute Puppy


During the first class you will receive a bag with a weekly tracker booklet, leaflets containing useful information and a clicker. During week four you will also receive a whistle.

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