Planning ahead - progressing as a dog trainer

I love what I do. Dog training is my passion and brings me such happiness. Every day I think about what I'm achieving already and how I once thought it was not possible. Yet, in the grand scale of things, I'm just a beginner, right?

Dorset Paws has only recently begun to be really noticed, getting known locally and seeing those recommendations passed on. It's fantastic and has only increased my enthusiasm to help owners.

I've got the experience, knowledge and passion to make a great change to dogs and their owners. Yet, the only way is up! As a professional, continuing to get better at what you do is the only way to progress and be worth the title of 'professional'.

So, what is the plan?

Firstly, I know plans change. However, the best way to progress is to plan ahead. It gives us something to aim for and dedicate ourselves to.

Short term plans:

1) Start a podcast

2) Gather a larger collection of training utensils

3) Have a stall at local dogs show(s)

4) Make connections with other local dog trainers

- Plan one is to start a podcast. I've ordered a microphone and started thinking about what the topics will be. As a priority, I would like these podcasts to help my clients. Therefore, they will be based around what I cover in my weekly classes. Trouble is, I always feel awkward talking to myself when being recorded - just have a watch of my YouTube videos so far... On the other hand, that's another aim for myself, to get more confident in these recordings!

- Gradually, I am purchasing more and more training tools. This month has been an expensive one, with lots of necessities and a few treats for myself and clients (a selection of Tug-E-Nuff toys!). Despite already owning a whole load of training stuff, I find there's always something else that would be useful. It won't be long before I need to get a bigger car just to store it all!

- This year, I've got my first stall at a dog show organised. I have linked with a local dog rescue and have got a stall at their fundraising dog show in July. I'm looking forward to it.

- Lastly, becoming good friends with other local dog trainers means that we can share our knowledge and help each other out. I already socialise with a group of local trainers, with monthly meet ups. This has been brilliant and only grown my confidence as a trainer.

I am eagerly waiting for all that is to come. Soon to start ticking off the achievements....

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