Keeping Yourself Busy With Dog Training

Covid-19 is causing all kinds of disruption to our lives and we’re being urged to stay home where possible. Consequently, we’re spending more time at home with our dogs. Some of us may find the disruption to routine is causing their dogs to behave differently.

A great way to keep ourselves and our dogs occupied is to be playing games and training our dogs. Keeping busy, active and making progress! Think positive, this is a wonderful opportunity for our dogs. When things go back to normal we will have made such progress that our issues may be a thing of the past.

I’ve created a list of ideas for various things to work on. Hopefully you’ll find a few ideas to teach your dog something new.

Concept training:

Seated training:

Active training:

Here’s a list of some other recommended dog training ideas:

You will find so many ideas when you start searching!

Good luck everyone, hope you think positively and use this time wisely!

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