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As a child, every other weekend my father would borrow his friends dog 'Harry Bear'. He was a Golden Retriever with the gentlest personality, he'd put up with being dressed up, towed around the garden on lead and part of our childhood games of 'dog training'. Me and my sisters would take it in turn being the trainer and the owner. Every time he got very excited to see us and had a wagging tail throughout these games. Unfortunately he passed away due to cancer, but it wasn't too long before my father decided to bring home his own puppy - Monty!

Monty was your typical puppy, ruled the house, ate the socks and jumped all over everything and everyone! We had a range of books to try understand him and I spent hours reading them and trying to teach him. Eventually we had a lovely young lady come in to do a 'puppy talk'. She explained why he was doing these unruly behaviours and how to provide the right environment and learning opportunities for Monty to be a better behaved puppy. This lady had managed to open our eyes to what was going on inside that little puppy brain. After this, we managed to achieve so much more than we did by just reading the books. Although only a young child, I worked hard alongside my parents to ensure training was kept on track.

When Monty was five years old and I was living at my mothers, he came to stay with me for roughly 8 weeks. During this time he was entirely my responsibility. I ensured I stepped up to the mark, we went for a 45 minute walk before school, I came home on my lunch to let him out in the garden and then we would got for long walks after school and on the weekends. I revolved my whole life around him and absolutely loved it. He was my best friend and he was so well behaved for me.

Ever since, that perfect relationship of human to dog has been so important to me. I want everyone to love their dog and be loved by their dog like I have with Monty since day one. I know how difficult it can be when you have a dog that "misbehaves" and "won't listen". But I also know that the best way to fix it, is to love your dog and learn how to help them.

Monty at 5 years old

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