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Did you know it's law that your dog must always be wearing an ID tag in public?

Dog's go missing, in fact, a huge majority of dogs will go missing at some point in their lives! The youthful Monty had a short phase of disappearing from the garden and taking himself to the nearest park (until we discovered his secret escape hatch!). Yes - we all hope it never happens and understand how dangerous it can be. Buuut, sometimes the inevitable happens and they run off on a walk or discover that they can squeeze themselves through a tiny gap in the garden fence...

What happens if your dog has no ID tag? How will anybody find you? What if your dog ends up having to go to the local dog shelter for the night?

Importantly, your dog should also have a microchip from when they were a puppy. However, this does disappear in the body more often than you may think. As your vet to scan and check your dogs tag is still there next time you go for a check up. If this has disappeared, then you need to get it redone. So, what happens when your dog goes missing and a vet or local dog warden scans your dog, only to discover, no microchip!

Besides the risk of not finding your dog, there's also monetary fines that come with breaking the law! Plus, the costs of the fines from the dog warden collecting your dog and keeping them in kennels over night.

Everyone's first port of call when finding a dog without their owner is to check their collar for the ID tag! That way, they can quickly give you a call to let you know where your dog is. Easy peasy.

The legal information required:





The RSPCA do NOT recommend putting your dogs name on the tag. This is simply due to the fact if (although unlikely!) some horrendous person decided they wanted to steal your dog, they can easily attract their attention. Not worth risking it, don't you think?

Here at Dorset Paws we have our own dog tags!

When taking out dogs, we attach our ID tags (pictured above) to double guarantee the safety of your dog in our care. It contains all the legal information and simply ensures in the incredibly unlikely event of your dog going missing, when someone finds them, they're instantly going to get in contact with one of us! Consider it as extra insurance...

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