Business is booming!

Dorset Paws is growing. I'm running more classes than ever before and having regular one to ones. The time I have invested in the business is crazy, I am writing an online course, filming for an online course, filling in training plans, doing training write ups and making resources. That's not counting the studying I've been doing, looking at body language, scentwork, puppy courses and more. Oh plus all my new books that I've been reading.

I'm helping more people and dogs than ever! The comments from customers are better than ever, I have so many happy customers (which of course makes me very happy!) and I'm getting more rebookings than ever. The dogs are having more successes, growing in confidence and being all round super stars.

As a trainer and behaviourist I feel I've grown a lot recently. I've had the time to really focus and put my all into each class and one to one.

The future for Dorset Paws is exciting, I'm really looking forward to where it will be in the next year, let along the next five years!

I'd love to hear what kind of classes everyone would be interested in me running!

I've just started rally classes and I'm loving it. Eventually I want to qualify in canine proprioception (body awareness) and would love to run classes. Although the qualifications will cost a fair bit of investment... A future plan.

What's more, Catherine from New Forest K9 Services and I have begun to work together, running classes together and one to ones. I've been helping at her recall classes, and next week we start our first kids dog training classes. It's great, everyone gets a '2 for 1' as we charge as normal but there's two dog trainers! We make an awesome team, both with experience and training in different areas. Again I can't wait to see where our collaboration goes, as we're planning some great things.

The future looks bright!

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