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Twin Dogs

Class Plan:

Each class will vary greatly, depending on the group of dogs and what their owners want to learn!

On entry:

- Each seat will have a 'task' for you to attempt. These will vary greatly, from relaxing toys e.g. Kong (for you to put your treats in), to training tasks e.g. mat training.

- Each week these tasks will change to allow you to challenge yourself to learn things you may not have considered previously.

- Whilst everyone is coming in and settling, there will be some calming music to help your dogs relax.

All Owners Must Have:

- A collar on the dog with the legal tags (NO check/choke, prong or electric collars)

- A strong, flat lead (NO slip leads or extendable leads)

Treats (preferably your dogs favourites - and lots of them!) or puppies dry biscuits for dinner

- A toy (a variety is always a good idea, such as a tennis ball, rope toy and stuffed toy.)

Poo bags (more than you think you'll need)

- A bed or mat (e.g. bath mat or vetbed) for the dog to lie on


- Harness (recommended) 

- Chews (such as a stuffed Kong or dehydrated food) 


Training will involve a lot of games, this is because they ensure you and your dogs are having fun! The more your dog enjoys something, the more likely they are to repeat the behaviour.

It also increases your dogs confidence greatly!

These games will be aimed towards training a particular behaviour. For example, the game 'Magic Hand' teaches your dogs focus. They will vary week by week. If you have something in particular you want your dog to learn, just ask and we can create game to teach it!

Brown Dogs

Some of the things you will learn:

★ The importance of reward

★ How dogs learn

★ How to train anything with a few simple ideas

★ All about The Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme

★ The basic legal information all owners need to know

★ To understand their dogs boundaries in learning

★ The importance of slow steps in training

★ How to teach your dog to give 'consent'

★ The importance of dogs comfort at the vets

★ Why muzzle training is always a good idea

★ How boundary training can be useful in so many situations

★ How to guarantee good recall

★ How to control the environment for success

Image by Humphrey Muleba

Some of the things your dog will learn:

➔ How to relax on their bed or mat
➔ How to walk perfectly on lead
➔ Control when walking through a doorway or gate
➔ Loose lead walking between people and dogs
➔ How to wait patiently with dogs walking around them
➔ How to walk off lead between people and dogs
➔ Remain seated/lying down whilst their owner moves around them
➔ A release cue
➔ Head placement for veterinary examinations
➔ To accept strangers examining them like the vet
➔ The cone game
➔ How to remain on a boundary
➔ How to perfect recall
➔ How to recall with distractions
➔ How to walk with their owner, off lead
➔ The beginnings to Rally-O
➔ Recall through distraction alley

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