Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you not do behavioural consultations any more?

Although I have a great deal of experience with behavioural consultations, I only run Dorset Paws part-time and have a busy day job with service dogs. This means that I do not have the ability to fully support behavioural issues to the level I feel is important. Behavioural consultations should not be a 'one off' session but on going sessions with support.

How many 1-2-1 sessions do I need?

This depends on a number of factors including the challenges your dog is having, how long they've persisted for, how much time you invest into training and many others. Booking multiple sessions allow you to continue learning how to push your dogs training on further, as each session can only work with the stage your dog is at.

My dog is excited by other dogs, are classes right for us?

This is quite normal and can be managed within classes. We have the option of moving further apart and visual barriers, and dogs are kept on lead so that they can't distract each other. They will be learning to focus on you around other dogs.

My dog is nervous of other dogs, are classes right for us?

Classes are managed so that each dog is comfortable, we can spread out further apart if needed, or put visual barriers up to minimise stress. All dogs are kept on lead so your nervous dog is safe, but you can build good associations in the presence of other dogs.