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Online learning for you to train your dog, will full support from an experienced trainer.

Good Dog  - Level 1

£50 + VAT

The Dorset Paws Good Dog Level 1 is a video based training course online. Faye has teamed up with fellow instructors Jo-Rosie, Nando and Dean. Whilst they take you through the practical training, Faye is there to support you and your progression.

This course will aid you in teaching your dog:

  • Sitting and staying when asked

  • Settling and chilling when asked

  • Coming back even when there are squirrels

  • Walking with the person on the end of the lead and not pulling them

  • Being the best and fastest dog at fetch in the dog park

  • Leaving stuff when their person says

  • Listening to your every word

  • Doing simple tricks to prove to your neighbours and friends they really are the good-est boy or girl in town

Perfect Puppy

The Dorset Paws Perfect Puppy is a book with further research based training course online. The course is ideal for soon to be and new puppy owners, who want to learn with support. Support is provided throughout the whole course, along with an online community of other puppy owners.

Covered in this course:

  • Choosing a puppy

  • Preparing for your puppy to come home

  • The first few weeks whilst puppy settles in

  • Dog body language

  • Socialisation

  • Training basics

  • Training for concepts

  • Common puppy issues

  • Progression towards adulthood

and more!​


Free Training Files

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Toys as Rewards

Toys are a brilliant way to train and motivate your dog. This PDF explains how and when to use toys, and what types are best.

Reliable Recall

Struggling with recall? This PDF looks at how to see recall from your dogs perspective and how to change it.


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