Behavioural Consultations

With on going support

My services are designed with you and your pet in mind, and I believe in working as much with you as with your dog.

Does your dog show behaviours you don't understand and can't stop or change for the better? Together we can work to understand the reasons why your dog is showing these behaviours, how to cope with them and how to prevent and change the behaviour to a more manageable one. 

Each dog is unique and therefore a consultation face to face allows the opportunity to see the behaviour in action and understand your dogs body language. Problems cannot be diagnosed without a consultation.

These sessions often target the anxiety or over-arousal which leads to what we as humans struggle with, such as:

  • Reactivity

  • Separation Anxiety

  • Resource Guarding

  • Noise Sensitivity

  • Chasing (cars/motorbikes/bicycles)

  • Dog-Dog Aggression



An initial consultation is important to determine the level of support your dog needs and to create a training plan. Beginning on foundation behaviours that can be relied on, guiding your dog through difficult situations with fully understood behaviours.

99% of cases require a veterinary referral for behavioural issues, this is simply done through a form allowing Dorset Paws to contact your vet to check your dogs medical history. 

1. A FREE discovery phone call conversation to discuss the issues, find out what you would like to gain from a behavioural consultation and arrange a face to face meeting. 

2. Completion of a behavioural questionnaire to collect further details prior to consultation.

3. Veterinary referral details collected (Dorset Paws in contact with your registered vet).

4. Initial creation of an online behavioural plan.

5. Face to face meeting in a pre-arranged suitable environment. Maximum of 120 minutes. Roughly 40% theory, 60% practical. Working on prioritised areas.

6. A write up of everything covered to get you started (Max. 2 pages).

7. Updated online training plan with information covered in the session.

8. Progression follow up phone call and diary keeping (through online training plan) until next meeting.

Initial consultations are charged at £125. 

You will be getting over 8 hours of support for this consultation.

* Please note that due to my qualifications (MRes and BSc Hons) your dog insurance policy may cover the cost of my professional services however, you must confirm this with your insurance provider first as policies vary.

* Mileage is included in the price up to 15 miles, there after is charged at 45p per mile.​


Behavioural Support Program

To ensure progress and success by building on foundations covered in the initial consultation.

* Initial consultations are charged at £125.
* Payment must be made upfront.



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