Using Positive Training Methods For Positive Results

Do you find walking your dog stressful?

Does your dog lack Impulse control?

What about recall? 

- or -

Are you struggling with a dog lacking confidence?

Or a reactive dog?

Dorset Paws is reward-based and force-free dog training covering New Christchurch, Bournemouth and Poole!

We help set your dog up to be a well-rounded, confident and respectful individual. What's more, we teach you how to help your dog in a wide variety of situations. It's not just about learning tricks, it's about learning how to get through life confidently and stress free!

We're here to support you and your dog in the long term.

Dorset Paws provides an affordable, professional and knowledgable service using positive training methods. "

- Laura, July 2020

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Canine Confidence Specialist

"Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can have faith in or rely on someone or something." - Oxford Dictionary

Does your dog lack confidence?

Are they nervous of other dogs or meeting new people? 

Here at Dorset Paws we work to ensure all dogs grow their confidence, whether that's in puppy classes or in behavioural consultations. We use a range of games and directed training to help your dogs feel confident and make the right choices.


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