Using Positive Training Methods For Positive Results

“We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment to animals.” – Immanuel Kant

Dorset Paws is reward-based and force-free dog training covering New Milton, Christchurch and Bournemouth!

Do you have a dog that has a few 'naughty' behaviours? Do you just want to give your dog more to do? Are you looking for an evening activity? Then Dorset Paws is for you! Any dog is welcome, all ages, breeds and abilities.

We help set your dog up to be a well-rounded, confident and respectful individual. What's more, we teach you how to help your dog in a wide variety of situations, even those we can't practice in class. It's not just about learning tricks, it's about learning how to get through life confidently and stress free!


My Services

Positive Training For Positive Results

Training Classes

Puppy, novice and intermediate classes held at Portfield Community Hall.

Behavioural Consultations

Private Sessions To Understand Your Dog

Puppy Talk

Teaching You The In's and Out's of Puppies


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